Marketing & Promotion

Marketing & Promoting Your Music

Digital marketing and music promotion is the way to promote your music to a wider audience and improve your marketing and social media presence. Get heard above the noise with Horus Music!

Pre-Release Marketing

All enquires need to be sent 6 – 8 weeks before the release date and all services are offered on a case-by-case basis.

Global Playlist Pitching

In house 6-week playlist pitching to genre relevant editorial teams at DSPs we work with and independent curators across Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify and Deezer. You’re given a full report of everyone that’s contacted, any feedback received and links and screenshots of playlist slots.

Africa Playlist Pitching

In house 6-week playlist pitching to platforms across Africa we work with DSPs such as Boomplay, Spotify, Apple Music, MTN music Time! and more. You’re given a full report of everyone that’s contacted, any feedback received and links and screenshots of playlist slots.

Asia Playlist Pitching

In house 6-week playlist pitching to platforms across China, Korea, Japan and India we work with DSPs such as NetEase, AWA, JioSaavn, Apple Music and more. You’re given a full report of everyone that’s contacted, any feedback received and links and screenshots of playlist slots.

Digital PR and Media

We have a wide network of trusted PR agencies suitable for artists of different genres and dependent on budgets. Different services include; Press Release writing Service, Online PR and EPK creation.

Smart Links & Pre Saves

In partnership with Feature FM they can provide you with Smart Links and Pre-Save links for your tracks on Spotify and Apple Music get $10 in your account to get you started

Traditional UK Radio Plugging

UK Regional and National Radio Plugging service including major stations including BBC Radio, Capital, Beats 1, Absolute Radio, Kiss and many others with the best results without the huge costs.

Social Media Release Campaign

Introducing Horus Music’s Social media release campaign package! Have you got a release lined up for this year and looking to promote on your social media without repeating the same message? Then this is the package for you.

Our tailored 6-week campaign will provide you with personalised daily content to post across Facebook and Instagram to keep your audience engaged and excited for your upcoming release. Including personalised graphics created by our in-house graphic designer, our social media expert will provide you with everything you need to create a successful social media campaign for your music.

How we helped Lloren’s brand new single reach over 45,000 streams through playlist pitching.

Lloren’s single 'Heartsick' secured placements on Spotify’s Editorial playlists New Music Friday India, Wholesome and Boomplay’s Editorial New Music Friday playlist. An immediate result of pitching direct to our DSP partners. We also secured placements with independent curators such as Future Hits and Break-Thru playlists and many others.

Lloren Playlisted thanks to Horus Music | Horus Music Global
Lloren playlisted with help from Horus Music Distribution | Horus Music Global

Post Release Marketing

We understand that sometimes you just don’t have the time before your release date for marketing services and so luckily, we’ve still got your back with these services.

Worldwide Radio & DJ feedback Service

In partnership with Kings of Spins (KOS), connect global music fans to your new releases on Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, YouTube, Radio and Twitter with 212,500+ (and growing) live DJ feedback tweets. This package allows artists to secure airplay from internet radio stations worldwide whilst receiving feedback from DJs and Presenters.

Horus Music work with Kings of Spin to get you maximum airplay | Horus Music Global

Deezer Sponsored Songs

Horus Music artists can benefit from 30% off any Feature FM plan through our direct partnership to help you get started and set up your pre-save campaign

“After not getting much traction with my existing distributor, I decided to switch to Horus Music. The results have been instant, Matthew and the team not only landed me on two Spotify editorial playlists but a handful of independent playlists for my latest release ‘Heartsick’ I’m so impressed with the level of communication and service and would certainly recommend them to other artists!”

Lloren - BBC Introducing Record of the Week

Non-Release Related

It’s not just about your release there are many other aspects you need to get right too, here we have a few additional services for you to take up alongside our pre or post release services.

Indie Guide To Social Media

Our Indie guide to Social Media is the perfect package for independent artists of all stages and genres to organically grow your social media.

The guide will provide you with a solid block of information on what social media is, how to utilise it to your advantage as an independent musician and what content to post to up your engagement.

Our guide includes tips on which platforms to utilise, how to make the most of social media tools such as stories, tagging and hash tags to broaden your reach and engagement and a week long planner for you to organise your content.

Instead of providing you with exactly what you should and shouldn’t say, our guide will help improve your knowledge and give you all the tools you need to be able to successfully grow and build your social media organically as an independent artist.

With a 1-1 meeting with our social media expert 6-8 weeks after receiving the guide, our team will review how you have implemented the tools provided and provide feedback on how you can improve moving forward.

Digital Press One Sheet

Horus Music’s Digital Press One Sheet combines the typical features of a one sheet with interactive links, detailed descriptions and expertly crafted designs tailored to your artist image/brand. Written by our expert in-house team, we will produce a sleek and professional document which can be utilised for press, industry and live purposes.

We’re here to help you market your next release or assist in creating the perfect document to represent you as an artist to industry heads.

Submit Your Music For Promotional Consideration

We are currently accepting submissions, to be considered for a campaign please complete the form linked. Our team will then review and if we like what we hear we’ll be in touch!