Music Publishing

Are you a songwriter or composer? Have you been wondering about how to make money from the music you write? A music publishing deal may be a good place to start for you.

You’re entitled to royalties each time your song is reproduced on CD, Vinyl or MP3, played in public, on radio, on television, downloaded, streamed, performed live or synced to a piece of visual media.

Publishers make sure royalties are collected and distributed to you and secure licenses for the use of your music. They help you develop skills, plus they will take care of the administrative aspects of registering tracks with collection societies. This means you can then focus on what you do best – creating music!

Sounds great, right?

It can be a confusing world out there, and that’s exactly why we created Anara Publishing.

Get Ahead with Publishing

Anara Publishing is our sister company who focuses on music publishing. They currently work with a roster which includes independent artists, composers and songwriters. Their team also pitches songs for synchronisation opportunities in film, television, advertising and video games. They have built up a wide network of music supervisors in the UK, Hollywood and beyond in order to ensure their roster is being heard by the top execs and key influencers in this space.

They know that for music creators, publishing can be a minefield to understand so that is why they take care of the administrative work for you. Anara Publishing will liaise with collection societies to ensure everything is registered correctly and most importantly they make sure artists receive the royalties they are entitled to.

If you’d like to go ahead, you’ll earn 50% of all income and the agreement is non-exclusive. For more information including terms and conditions, please visit Anara Publishing.

Anara are currently accepting submissions, so please complete this form to submit your music for consideration. They’ll then review and if they like what they hear they’ll be in touch!

Please note that physical CD submissions are not accepted at this time, please send submissions via email only.

Please also read through these guidelines before submitting music to Anara Publishing.