Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Why opt for Two Factor authentication on your Horus account

Horus Music would like to give you an opportunity to increase the security on your account. 2Factor security requires you to submit a unique code (which will be sent to your mobile each time you log into your Horus account). This stops unauthorised users from accessing your login details, as they will not have access to the authentication code sent to your phone. 


We strongly recommend you:


  • set up 2Factor authentication on your Horus account.
  • you can sign up by going to My Music Account Zone (MMAZ) and selecting to activate 2FA. It is free to sign up. You will need to download Google Authority from your smart device in order to receive the unique codes

How to obtain the authentication code

This takes seconds to generate and can be sent to you by:


  • SMS text; or
  • by displaying a unique code when accessing Google Authority. 

When to use the authentication code


  • When changing payment details via the “Payment Gateway” in order to receive your royalties;
  • When adding new users to your profile.

Benefit of signing up to 2 Factor security

It will:

  • Increase security on your Horus Music account;
  • Add protection to your earnings /royalties;
  • Limit access to your account.