Amai Kuda et Les Bois- Entering global editorial playlists with Afro-Soul and spiritual rhythms

Toronto-based music group and activist movement Amai Kuda et Les Bois don’t fit into usual boxes. Breaking boundaries is part of their superpower. Not a band or a solo act, they prefer to call themselves ‘a movement’.

Signing to Horus Music’s artist and label services in December 2020, we have worked closely with movement leader Amai Kuda on a series of single releases and music videos for animated series ‘EmUrgency!’, which is based on the groups upcoming album.

The singles and supporting music videos for tracks ‘Eshu’ and ‘Oshun’ are the first and second of three teaser videos from the pilot episode of ‘EmUrgency!’. Each animated teaser is soundtracked to a single, and the debut of the pilot episode will introduce the full album release to the world.

Tapping into a rising animation community evolving in Africa, Amai Kuda et Les Bois are addressing the need for more black animated content and more popular media dealing with African spirituality and mythology in a positive light. EmUrgency! Along with the forthcoming album speak to current social issues, whilst addressing timeless themes contained in African mythology.

Focusing on a global playlisting campaign for the first and second singles from the forthcoming album, we pitched tracks ‘Eshu’ and ‘Oshun’ alongside leveraging cross-industry promotion activities through our UK, Nigeria, Brazil and India offices. The creative release plan and powerful messages enabled our team to pitch both tracks across a variety of markets which secured editorial placement on Spotify, Soundcloud and Boomplay’s editorial playlists. Our Brazil team also utilised our promotions partner Brazil Calling to secure additional global press and radio features.

Through our direct partnerships with DSP’s, we’re able to cut out the middleman meaning our team can pitch straight to editorial teams, increasing our artists chance of landing editorial playlisting placement.

Track ‘Eshu’ secured placement on following editorial playlists:

1 – Tantalizers – Spotify

2 – Afrocentric – Spotify

3 – New Music Friday Naija – Spotify

4 – New Music Friday Ghana – Spotify

5 – EQUAL Afro – Spotify

6 – EQUAL Africa – Spotify

7 – Afropop – Boomplay Music

8 – Afro Fresh – Boomplay Music

Track ‘Oshun’ saw success across the below editorial playlists:

1 – Global Dance Tracks: Fête – SoundCloud

2 – Meditative Global Beats: Temple – SoundCloud

3 – Mikwaju Mipya Ya Dansi – Boomplay

4 – New Afrobeats – Boomplay

5 – Afro House Wave – Boomplay

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Amai Kuda highlighted that the Horus Music team are ‘Available via phone and always willing to answer questions or address any issues that might arise’, adding that it is ‘super helpful and refreshing in a world where so many services only have chats and bots to help you through issues’.

Why not get in touch today and see for yourself how the Horus Music team can help you?