What are Caller Tunes and How Can They Help You?

You’d be forgiven for not having heard of Caller Tunes, this smartphone feature has yet to catch on in the UK, but internationally, Caller Tunes are booming.

Caller Tunes give subscribers a more personalised mobile phone service by allowing your callers to hear a chosen song whenever they call you instead of them just hearing the standard ringing tone. This service has grown in popularity in emerging markets such as Africa, Bangladesh and particularly in India.

How to Use Caller Tunes

As part of our music distribution service, one of the stores we deliver to, and the largest 4G network in India – Jio – currently allows its users to set up a Caller Tune by using SMS or picking a song through the Jio Music app. Jio offer the Caller Tune service to any Jio user for free. Although many telecom companies offer the Caller Tunes service through a monthly subscription. When an artists’ song is used as a Caller Tune, they will receive royalties in a similar way to digital downloads.

Another store we work with is the Indian streaming giant Hungama, who currently offer access to over 3.5 million songs and music videos on their platform. Hungama work with telecom companies such as Vodafone and Airtel, to offer them music from Hungama’s catalogue that could be used as Caller Tunes.

If you are a Horus Music client, please contact us if you’re interested in having your music offered as a Caller Tune.

The growth of Caller Tunes has enabled many artists to add an extra revenue stream to their earnings and attract new listeners to their music. The service has also given music fans a new and personalised way of expressing their music taste in a digital world.

So when seeking new avenues to sell and earn from your music, you may want to consider the popularity of Caller Tunes in growing global territories, and how they can help your music reach some new ears.