Client Zone Now Open

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The long awaited Horus Music Client Zone is now open.

We have been planning and developing the Client Zone for a long time so we are very excited to announce that this morning we have opened our platform. All new clients and established customers will be able to log in and use the new system immediately.

The Client Zone is an all-encompassing portal to allow clients to upload their music that will automatically work with our already well-established DDEX compliant, XML delivery system.

Why a Client Zone?

Further to uploading, clients will be able to view royalty statements, produce different types of reports and graphs and also preview sales from the last four weeks from all major stores.

CEO Nick Dunn stated “We are really pleased that we have been able to heavily invest capital into an infrastructure that gives artists all the tools they need for music distribution. We still have much work to do in developing the system, and this is only the beginning of what will become a very sophisticated and useful area.”

The development and release of the Client Zone will dramatically speed up the distribution process for both music and video releases. It will also eliminate many of the issues we were seeing from all sides of the process. It also means that clients can log it at any time and view up-to-date sales information. Artists and labels can now keep track of their release at every stage of the process. Data will be regularly imported, so clients will know exactly how much royalties they will be owed at the end of the month.

Our Client Zone is fully owned by Horus Music and is not a shared system used by any other company or distributor.

Should you have any questions at this stage about the system, please contact your Client Manager who will be happy to help.