Dornik signs up for an artist advance with Horus Music

Electro-Soul artist Dornik burst onto the UK music scene in 2010 and was quickly labelled one of the most promising vocalists in R&B. Boasting an impressive resume as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer, Dornik worked alongside London Jazz giants Alfa Mist, Rocco Palladino and Junior Alli-Balogun to form the collective ‘TURTL’ in 2011. Also making an appearance in Jessie Ware’s backing band, Dornik has collaborated with some of the UK’s most sort after artists including R&B/Soul artist Emmavie.

Releasing his first self-titled album in 2015 and later his second album ‘Limboland’ in 2020, Dornik continued to explore the collaboration process, this time stretching overseas and looping in the likes of Phonte, Gavin Turek, Skripture and Taylor Greaves to collaborate on tracks such as ‘Do You Wanna?’, ‘Galaxxxy’ and ‘You Got It’.

Signing to Horus Music in June 2022 and our sister company Anara Publishing, Dornik has recently benefited from our artist advance service to help further accelerate his career as an independent artist.

Horus Music artist advances are designed to put control back into the hands of independent artists by giving them the ability to utilise funds to help boost their career. We provide artists with the opportunity to unlock funding offset against their streaming royalties only and can benefit from advances up to 8 times their annual streaming income. We keep our artists in the driver’s seat so they can decide where they feel the money can be best spent to further their reach and focus on what they do best, creating music.

For Dornik, receiving an artist advance has ‘helped him to create and work on music freely, easing the pressure of surviving everyday life’ and ‘allowing him to do what he loves without worry’. The advance has enabled Dornik to purchase different sounds and plugins to enhance his music which contributed to boosting creativity, alongside providing the ability to pay for mixing and mastering- a role he has often taken on himself for previous releases.

With Horus Music paying out funds directly to our artists bank accounts within a few days, we continue to provide our artists with a fast, transparent service which has proven to benefit independent artist like Dornik around the globe.

Dornik is set to release a new  EP later this year with Horus Music and has set aside some of his advance to fund additional marketing projects in support of the new release.

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