Horus Music India 2021 Wrapped

Despite 2021 proving another challenging year with businesses feeling the continued impact of COVID-19 around the globe. Horus Music India have been fortunate enough to have had another successful, and busy year.

We’ve hit some major milestones this year in terms of the growth of Horus Music India and the opportunities we are able to offer for our clients. Here are a few highlights of what we’ve achieved in terms of the growth in India:

  • Our team expanded with the appointment of Deepa in February to oversee Business Development in the Indian market. Deepa has been signing new artists for distribution, sourcing commercial and promotional channels for artists, partnering with new platforms, and engaging with creative houses aiding the growth of Horus Music India on an international scale.
  • We officially launched our artist advances, available for artists with a minimum of 10,000 monthly listeners spread across digital service providers. Horus Music India are offering artists the chance to unlock an advance up to 8 times their annual streaming income.
  • We expanded our store partnerships to help our artists music reach a wider audience at no extra cost, signing direct deals with FLO, Mood Agent and Streo.
  • We offered free playlisting to our Indian artists to help support them throughout the pandemic. We’ve seen some great success across digital stores including major placements on Spotify an Apple Music playlists.
  • We are the only Indian Distributor offering 100% content ID royalties for clients. Youtube consumption is at an all-time high in India, our direct partnership has enabled us to meet our clients needs offering delivery to Youtube Content ID as part of our standard distribution. This means our clients are not charged extra for their music to be on top platforms. We also ensure all artists receive 100% of their content ID revenue for those on a 100% royalties package.
  • Horus Music India joined the All About Music 2021 Digital conference. Now in it’s 5th year, the conference has always acted as a global gateway into the Indian Music Market. Head Of India Chandrika was delighted to participate and discuss global music distribution, music marketing, PR and label services as part of the digital conference.
  • We hosted the first in a series of webinars in partnership with RRE studios in Delhi, discussing what is required to get your music ‘distribution ready’. Tune in for the next installations in 2022!
  • Deepa participated in a BPI webinar discussing trends and opportunities in the Indian music industry.

At Horus Music India, we strive to offer the best opportunities for our clients. But how have they directly benefited over the course of 2021? Through our hard work and dedication to our clients, here are our top success stories for the year:

  • Horus Music India artist Nigavitharan live streamed his performance for Liverpool Sound City through their Guesthouse platform, generating new fans from the Guesthouse global community of music lovers.
  • We partnered with our sister company Anara Publishing on an IG live series ‘Music Publishing Simplified’ featuring special guests Tejas, Swarathma and Alick Sethi.
  • Nigavithran leveraged Gramrphone to go viral. Our direct partnership with Gramrphone enabled Nigavithran to connect with fans in low internet bandwith regions, meaning nearly 1,000 fans across India were able to tune in to the live stream and enjoy high quality audio.
  • We signed an exclusive deal with PR company Brand Banter, our artist Manu Rajeev secured exposure for his single ‘Chotasa Safar’ in Rolling Stone India, The Hindu, Music Culture and many other independent digital sources.
  • Our exclusive deal with Apple Music for artists Dhyani, Rohan and Nigavithan saw Apple offer spotlight features and additional promotion through multiple playlisting successes.
  • We had some top signings including Samar Mehdi and Shashaa Tirupati to our custom music tools platform.

We look forward to what 2022 brings for Horus Music India.