Horus Music India Wrapped 2022

This year we’ve hit some major milestones here at Horus Music India in terms of growth and opportunities available for our clients. From new store partnerships and marketing packages to hosting in-person masterclasses for our artists, we’re pleased to bring you our highlights from the year with some teasers of exciting plans for 2023.

Our distribution service has been full steam ahead for independent artists and labels across India and as extra support, our team have offered free playlisting for every release. We’ve seen some major success for our artists who have landed on editorial playlists across Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, JioSaavn and more. Through our playlisting services, we’ve also helped some of our artists gain international placement including on Korean DSP FLO. Going into 2023, we will still be offering this free service to all our Indian artists alongside more comprehensive global paid campaigns.

We expanded our distribution services securing new partnerships with several stores including Garuda Indonesia – AirlineStationheadUtopiaHomewav and MusixMatch. Most notably, we were delighted to announce the renewal of our partnership with Wynk Music, a key player within the Indian music market. The official announcement was also supported by Indian press including Music Culture India and Music Plus India, expanding our reach and brand further into the industry.

Alongside Wynk Music, we are pleased to now also be delivering CRBT via Airtel. A sneak preview for 2023 will also see us delivering CRBT via JioSaavn, with more details on this to come in the New Year.

On top of expanding our store partnerships, we also launched our white label service here in India. This will directly benefit labels and distributors who wish to establish themselves in the industry by using our system as a host to deliver to different stores. If you’re interested in setting up a white label partnership with us, please contact us for further information.

Our marketing offerings expanded on a global scale this year, but here in India we dedicated our time to creating new services specific for entering the Indian music market. Alongside our free playlisting services, we launched a PR service which has been wildly successful for our artists including Kenisha and Aseem, who have landed placement in publications such as Times of India, Rolling Stone India, Red FM, Humming Heart, Glamsham and much more. We’re currently accepting campaign submissions for early 2023, so if you are interested, please get in touch with the team at for further details.

One of the most exciting launches for Horus Music India is our Step into India package, a new service which is designed to help international artists break into the Indian music scene. Through a unique combination of playlisting, digital PR, YouTube ads and our popular digital press one sheet service, we hope to continue to support artists in breaking into new territories and developing an international fanbase. This service also received international press support from HypeBot, showcasing our reach into the global industry.

Our global team recently launched an in-house PR service which is available for Indian artists. This is designed to help artists from all territories gain international exposure across online publications. Currently at a discounted price for existing Horus Music artists, if you’re keen to break out of the Indian music scene in 2023, get in touch with the team to see how a global digital PR campaign can help you.

Supporting some of our artist and label services clients, we launched a collaboration service across all territories including India to encourage our clients to create music with other artists on our international roster. With some key collabs in the pipeline for 2023, this year we’ve been delighted to help support some of our African artists on collaborations including Benny Afroe and Singah’s latest track ‘You Know’, which secured playlist placement here in India along with becoming one of their top territories for listeners.

Our team has expanded with the recent appointment of marketing executive Aakanksha Sharma. Aakanksha is focusing on our social media whilst also supporting our artists with their marketing and promotion needs. For direct support, you can reach out to Aakanksha.

One of our top highlights for 2022 was the launch of our seminar in partnership with RRE Studios, based in Faridabad Delhi. The seminar focused on what is required to get your music ready for distribution and was a fantastic experience to be able to connect with artists in person, discussing the challenges they face and their expectations of putting their music out in the digital age. We’ve got some exciting plans for further events across different cities in India, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media for more information coming soon!

Furthering our reach into the educational side of the music industry, we partnered with Lost Stories Academy to host a webinar examining what music distribution is, how to choose the right distributor, prerequisites for distribution, audio quality, the importance of master rights, how to market your music and so much more.

Continuing the educational theme, we were thrilled to join forces with Gatecrash to deliver a masterclass on distribution and marketing for artists as part of their Amplify Artist Development program. Ensuring our artists have key knowledge and tools for navigating the music industry is at the heart of Horus Music India so it was a pleasure to lead this masterclass.

We also returned to All About Music conference, now in its 6th year. The conference has always acted as a gateway into the Indian music market, so it was a fantastic opportunity for Head of Horus Music India Chandrika and Head of Partnerships Deepa to attend the conference to discuss all things global music distribution and marketing as part of the digital conference. We hope to return in 2023!

Finally for 2022, we had some top signings including the incredible Frizzell D’Souza, Motherjane, Aseem, Dudez in Madras and Rubber Stamp Studios who all joined our artist and label services. We hope to continue to work with some more wonderful artists in the new year.

We’d like to thank all our artists, labels, partners, collaborators and team for making 2022 a brilliant year and we look forward to what 2023 will bring for Horus Music India.