Horus Music in Japan 2009 and 2010

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In both 2009 and 2010, Horus Music visited Tokyo to improve our business relationships with colleagues in Japan. The trip was organised with the UKTI and BPI.  Until our visit, we didn’t know too much about their music industry and were under the impression ‘Western’ music was very popular in Japan. We’ve been privileged to speak to a lot of great people within the Japanese industry and reviewed the latest statistics. We also visited the many wonderful record shops and we quickly discovered that ‘Western’ music only counts as a small percentage of the music that is consumed.

We love Japan and have made some really great friends there, many of which are interested in developing non-Japanese artists. However, the path is not easy and there is a lot of work to be done.

In 2010 ‘Western’ music only accounted for 18% of music sales in Japan, so competition is hard.

Also, if you’re an unknown artist with no press back home, why would a Japanese company invest money in you? This is not only in terms of marketing, and producing some Japan-only recordings, but in terms of the expense in flying you out there and looking after you. There are factors which are often overlooked but play a very large part the decision making process.

Yes, some companies will do it but sales are shrinking. You have to ensure that you have some very special music in the first place, but it is just as important to have interest back home. Think of it this way, if you cannot get any interest in your music back home then it’s highly likely you won’t get any interest elsewhere. This is especially true in a country where you may not speak the local language!

How to Distribute Your Music in Japan

Do contact us if you are interested in knowing more about the Japanese industry; we can help you begin the process of overcoming many of the problems of getting in to Japan. We can also help you a build sales history and explore possible deal opportunities.

None of this is possible if you don’t have the right contacts in Japan or aren’t actively visiting the country.

The following is taken from the Leicester Mercury on the 3rd August 2009:

Horus Music in Japan