Horus Music joins the new MuSee+ Community as a founding member to shape the new Midem

Arguably the biggest music conference in the world, the announcement of Midem’s return after publicising they will not be continuing in 2022 was one of the industries most talked about topics of the year. With thousands applying to get their hands on tickets, the reinvention of the music industries central hub for networking was invite only & priced accordingly exclusive to the central leaders of the music world.

This was Horus Music’s 16th time gathering at the infamous Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, having owed much of our success to key partnerships established during our time at the conference.

Starting out as a management company and record label, we have evolved to become one of the leading independent music distribution and label services not just in the UK, but on a global scale having branched out into India, Nigeria and more recently, Brazil. Embodying our ‘Local in Spirit, Global at Heart’ ethos, Horus Music’s evolution is attributed to our attendance at Midem, forging new relationships within the industry through meeting and signing deals with key players such as YouTube and Apple.

Transitioning from a small record label to a leading music distribution and label services company has been nothing short of an outstanding accomplishment for us as a team, and we are absoloutely delighted to be positioned as an expert consultant in shaping the new MID3M+.

This year, MID3M+23 saw top level music executives come together to build and decide on the new direction for the must-attend event, designed for music professionals, by music professionals. The event was future focused looking at the next technologies that will shape the music industry – Spatial Audio, Block Chain, NFTs, The Metaverse & AI companies all featured prominently at Midem+.

One of the other hot topics of discussion was streaming manipulation and fraud as France’s Centre National de Musique recently reported that up to 3% of music streams in the Country are fraudulent. Universal’s CEO Sir Lucian Grange & Horus Music’s CEO Nick Dunn have also recently been in the press speaking about this issue too. The consensus is we have to work hard together as an industry to combat this. You can read the op/ed here in full.

On becoming a founding member of the MUSee+ community, Managing Director Nick Dunn commented, ‘We are excited Midem is back and we can meet our old and new friends back in person.  Midem has always been a significant highlight for us each year and we cannot understate how important it has been to us and the industry.  The industry has undergone significant changes in the years I’ve been attending Midem, so I’m honoured and excited to be a founder member of the new Midem community, helping to shape future conferences that will benefit the entire music industry.’

Representing Horus Music in addition to our Managing Director is Director, Nina Condron, who credited Midem as ‘giving me my start in the music industry’. Having started out as an intern at Horus Music, Nina has worked her way up to Director; playing a significant role in the development and success of Horus Music.

Branching out into the world of Music Publishing in 2017, we launched our sister company Anara Publishing led by Director Deborah Smith who previously served as Head of Client Services for 3 years at Horus Music. Evolving into a boutique publishing company, Anara Publishing now represents a unique roster of over 40 musicians, composers and songwriters from all over the globe. Deborah joined the team at MID3M+ as a founding member, adding that she is ‘delighted to be a founding member of the new look MuSee+ Community shaping the future of the MIDEM conference. I attended my first MIDEM in 2012 as a wide-eyed 20 year old who was new to the music industry and was so inspired by the incredible community of industry professionals that I got to connect with. I’d love for the new generation of talent coming into our industry to be able to have the same experience as me as we build future editions of MIDEM’.

During the event, we were able to discuss with the 100 other delegates what we’d like to see at Midem 24 and the direction of the conference moving forward. The plan is to focus on three different strands, the familiar conference element and B2B networking, educational segments for both artists and new music industry talent, plus bringing back live music. We’re hoping to have concerts open to delegates and the public with more of a focus on Electronic music and artists. This year Midem+23 saw performances from the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre and Fat Boy Slim, alongside a series of workshops, demos and discussions.

We look forward to being a crucial part of the history of Midem for 2024 and beyond!