Horus Music Nigeria 2021 Wrapped

Music revenue in Nigeria will increase by 5.6% year on year over the next five years to reach $40m in 2023, according to PwC, which tips the country to be the fastest growing entertainment and media market thanks to the boom in mobile internet. The continent boasts a music-hungry population whose average age is under 20. And it is estimated that 500 million African citizens will own smartphones by 2020.

As the world continues to evolve into a global community through the help of the internet. UK based music distributor Horus Music expands its business operations to Africa establishing itself within the market with a prominent Nigerian office in Lagos.

With all eyes on Nigeria’s booming music market propelled by the rise of its Afrobeats genre we are happy to be in a great place among the competition. Some of our key achievements for this year can be found below.

  • The introduction of our bespoke label services distribution package ‘AFTS’ designed specifically for African hardworking independent artists within and outside the region, that doesn’t only ensure their music distribution is done right, but also assists growing their career within the industry with A&R supports from our industry experienced team and marketing support within top Digital Streaming platforms
  • Our cash advances offer artists the ability to unlock funding from their streaming revenue in order to release funding to further support their careers through our Custom Music Tools Nigeria distribution package
  • Audiomack supported our ‘Hot Talent Tour’ initiative, carried out in July 2021 for the discovery of potential hot budding artists seeking exposure from within their township/neighbourhoods to a wider industry audience in Nigerian music industry towards enjoying a fashionable representation on DSPs.
  • We secured national press coverage for our outstanding hardworking clients during our first-year anniversary in the form of a press conference. Our artists enjoyed further exposure across high-ranking television networks such as; Nigerian Television Authority, Channels TV, Silverbird Television, African Independent Television, Lagos Television
  • Our bi-monthly workshop sessions on Digital Music Trade, one of our numerous efforts to develop the independent music sector with the right information needed for a productive career in the industry, we organise a free entry workshop session inviting experts from within relative industry fields to educate our host of attendees on a thoughtful selection of applicable topics.

Through a challenging post COVID era of 2021, Horus Music Nigeria recorded key successes with our artists releases, such as:

  • Vector – Early Momo featuring Good Girl LA. A top 100 Apple Music charting release, Audiomack song of the week during release
  • Ajimovoix – Focus Dance beat. A Top 10 Creators list entry on Instagram, Tik Tok SSS Viral Content, Global trending record with a viral dance from Nigeria emulated by Celebrities such as Football Star Paul Pogba among other prominent public figures

We awarded 3 artists cash advance funding for their music marketing.

  • Kaptain, an average streaming Nigerian independent artist, who found the offer to be productive to the release of his singles, helping him to produce music videos and undertake extra marketing beyond their common reach
  • Otega, a developing independent Nigerian artist with a sizable fan base and growing audience within the Nigerian music industry, with the aid of our marketing funding he achieved a laudable debut album release which featured on the front page of Apple Music and Audiomack among many other editorial playlists on DSPs, he also got extra budget to produce more music and videos, as well the opportunity to rebrand as an artist in this competitive industry
  • Singah, a high streaming Nigerian songwriter and recording artist, who by the aid of our cash advance offer breaks new grounds for his music career, remarkably helping him achieve a successful release of his debut album on top streaming music platforms, prominently featuring his image on a Spotify playlist cover and multiple editorial placements alike, among numerous successes on Boomplay etc.

Our external features and engagements

  • Midem Africa global industry panels
  • Liverpool Soundcity Digital
  • Music in Africa ‘ACCES Conference’ Johannesburg
  • Music sync deal with Ebony Life movie production company for their blockbuster box office movie ‘Chief Daddy 2’ for Horus Music Nigeria artist Ajimovoix in collaboration with our sister company Anara Publishing.

We also added new local DSPs to our stores list, such as

  • Play Africa
  • UduX
  • Afro Charts
  • And the global DSP who have been the new host for Nigerian local and independent music ‘Audiomack’

In summary, it has been a successful year for us at Horus Music Nigeria, from establishing our business during a period the world hopes for a recovery post-pandemic lockdown, to even more uncertain times that demands adaptive measures for the desired growth in the ever competitive industry, we found a balance through internal teamwork of our colleagues across the territories we are present, our detailed but strategic marketing views, a liberal leadership of our company’s head which endowed with the celebration of a common win, coupled with supportive partnership and happy clients within. We are prepared for a greater and more accomplished year in 2022!