Horus Music Offers Something For Everyone

Are you looking for transparent, fast, and professional music distribution with no hidden fees? Then look no further! Established in 2006, Horus Music has always focused on the needs of its clients and we’re here to help make distributing your music simple.  Within this blog, the range of services that Horus Music offers will be explored, including unlimited distribution, pay per release, artist and label services, video distribution and white label services. 

Unlimited Distribution

Our Unlimited distribution service offer competitive rates, with excellent benefits all included in the advertised price. With prices starting at £20 per year for an artist subscription and £30 per year for a label subscription, our annual subscription service offers artists and labels unlimited global distribution to over 100 stores worldwide, including stores in Asia and China. Our direct deals with DSPs mean by cutting out the middle man we are able to deliver a bigger slice of the pie back to you in terms of royalty pay outs, whilst you continue to retain 100% of your music’s royalties and rights. 

Your subscription also entitles you to free barcodes and ISRC codes, assistance with pre-order set ups, distribution to dance stores and access to regularly updated analytics, with the option to download royalty reports directly from your account at no extra cost. On top of this, our subscription fee includes distribution to YouTube Content ID, UK chart registration, Shazam, SoundCloud finger printing, a basic free playlist plug to Spotify and Apple Music and YouTube Monetization so you’re not paying extra to push your music further.

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Pay Per Release

Annual subscription not the right fit? We can distribute your releases for a one-time fixed fee. With this service you will receive everything that’s provided with the Unlimited Distribution but rather than having to keep a subscription live you can just pay as you go per release.

  • Distribution of a single- £25
  • Distribution of an EP- £35
  • Distribution of an Album- £45 
  • 100% of all royalties paid out on the 15th of each month.
  • Your releases stay online forever, including posthumous unless you ask us to take them down. No subscription needed.
  • Free barcode and ISRC codes.
  • Distribution of your music to hundreds of stores around the world including stores in Asia
  • Your music will automatically be delivered to new stores as and when we secure partnerships, including delivery of your back catalogue at no extra cost
  • There will be a dedicated team on hand to help when needed via email and over the phone
  • Distribution to Content ID services including Youtube Content ID
  • Free Youtube Monetization
  • Free UK chart registration
  • Distribution to dance stores
  • Basic free playlist plug to Apple Music and Spotify
  • Regularly updated analytics

For more information about Pay Per Release packages please click here.

Artist and Label Services

Artists with an established fanbase can apply for our Custom Music Tools service. This service is designed for independent, forward-thinking artists and labels that are at a tipping point in their career. You’ll be provided with a designated account manager to discuss your unique needs and campaign strategy for your releases. We work together on a percentage basis with no upfront fees, so we don’t grow unless you do. We invest our time, expertise, and resources into helping you succeed. Our services include:

  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Marketing worth £1,000.
  • Exclusive performance opportunities.
  • Horus Music continues to empower eligible independent artists by offering advances to further their careers offset against streaming royalties only.
  • Our international 6-week playlist pitching service is available for free to all CMT clients. (Editorial playlisting pitching, independent pitching to blogs, channels, playlists and radio online)
  • Keep 100% of your masters, remain independent.
  • Free VEVO video delivery and Channel set up.
  • Fully transparent reporting 

For more information on our Artist and Label Services please click here.

Video Distribution

Get your music video out in the best way possible, on a wide variety of platforms including iTunes, TIDAL & VEVO, as well as official VEVO channel creation. 

Did you know that video accounts for 52% of on-demand music consumption worldwide? That’s more than paid and free audio streaming put together. What’s more, 93% of the most popular videos on YouTube are music videos. You can’t effectively promote yourself if you’re not where the music consumers are. So, if you’re not making videos to showcase and promote your music on channels like YouTube, Vimeo and Vevo, you’re ignoring demand, failing to provide what the market wants, and cutting yourself off from valuable exposure. By utilising our video service, you can: 

  • Gain the widest exposure for your music video.
  • Get paid 100% of all royalties.
  • Receive a free barcode and ISRC code 
  • Automatically have your music delivered to new services as they happen.
  • Have access to a dedicated team to help when needed.
  • Ability to update your profile image and bio through your distributor
  • Opportunity to upgrade to an official artist channel so your content appears under one umbrella

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White Label

Our white label services are for distributors or companies with large catalogues. This is offered as part of a monthly licensing fee, and companies can add their own business model to the system, create their own packages and contracts, and sign up both artists and labels. To add to the above, subscribers of the white label service are also able to mask My Client Zone with their own company URL and branding.  Not only to re sell audio packages but also video too.

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