How do I get my lyrics onto Spotify, Apple Music and more?

With many major platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music offering the ability to sync your lyrics to your music, we’ve devised a DIY guide to get your lyrics displaying across DSP’s.

You might be wondering why your distributor is only offering a DIY option for lyric delivery rather than uploading direct along with your audio? Delivering lyrics to stores requires us to legally have the publishing rights for your tracks. Lyrical rights usually fall under a music publisher, however as we are solely a distributor and our artists retain 100% of their rights, this means we are legally not entitled to distribute your lyrics for you.

Music lyrics must be uploaded via a verified company which will then match with audio across platforms and sync the lyrics. In order to do this, the release must be distributed through a verified distribution company. Horus Music have partnered with 7digital who have a direct deal with Musixmatch. Through this partnership, any lyrics uploaded to Musixmatch will be verified with 7digital who will then sync up your lyrics on major platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

So, what does this mean for you as an artist?

As an artist, all you need to do is sign up to Musixmatch, upload your lyrics and these will then sync up on stores through our direct deal with 7digital.

Alternatively, you can also get your fans to add your lyrics directly through Musixmatch which is a good way to increase your artist to fan engagement and interaction.

Register your lyrics with Musixmatch today!