How to elevate your music career with Horus Music

Providing a transparent, fast, and reliable distribution service for independent artists and labels on either a subscription or one-time fee basis is a great way to start pushing music out to a wider audience and growing a fan base. But what if you’ve already built up your own fan base and are ready to push your music to the next level?

Horus Music’s Custom Music Tools service is an exclusive account model only offered to pro-active, highly motivated artists and labels who are at a tipping point in their career. We offer our CMT client’s free distribution and playlist pitching, alongside providing them with exclusive performance and marketing opportunities.

Working on a percentage basis, our CMT deals come with no upfront fees, meaning we don’t grow unless you do. We work hard to invest our time, expertise, and resources to help our artists and labels succeed, even offering some of our artists advances based on their streaming income to drive their career further forward.

With a growing number of streams and established fan base, our Custom Music Tools clients work with a dedicated account manager to discuss their unique needs and release strategies to maximise their growth and increase fan engagement during their campaigns.

So how can you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

We look for forward-thinking artists creating great music who have started to build up a significant fan base and social media following. Landing yourself a distribution deal does not mean the hard work stops, we focus on artists and labels who looking for support to propel their careers forward whilst remaining in control of their music and release plans.

If you feel you could be the next independent artist or label we’re looking for, we want to hear from you!

Get in touch via our Custom Music Tools application form and our team will review your submission