How to get verified on Spotify, Apple Music and more

Ever wondered how to get that blue tick on Spotify? Or how you can update your profile image and biography on different stores? Customising your profile makes it easily recognisable to your fans and helps build a brand if you use consistent colours and images. It can also give you a deeper insight into analytics, including the demographics of your listeners. How to update your profile varies store by store, so see below for guidance.

  • Spotify

To claim your Spotify for Artists profile, you will need to go to and click ‘Get Access’ in the top right hand corner. To claim your profile, you will need some information from us, so please contact to request your artist URI. We will only be able to provide this once we have processed your release, so we advise waiting a couple of days after you have received the confirmation email to say your release has been processed successfully before getting in touch.

Spotify may also ask for the UPC of your release so that you can prove you are who you say you are. The UPC is the same as a barcode, and this can be found in MyClientZone by going to Releases -> Manage Releases.

Important Note: We have recently introduced a feature in MyClientZone to ensure releases are mapped to the correct profile. When submitting your metadata, you will be prompted to input your Spotify ID, so for those who already have profiles, please write this here. If you leave this blank, the system will assume you do not have a profile and therefore create you a new one, delivering your release there. Please ensure your ID is correct and matches your Spotify name exactly as the system is case sensitive. If the system cannot match your Spotify ID and artist name, you will not be able to progress with submitting your release to us.

  • Apple Music

To claim your Apple Music for Artists profile you will need to go to and click ‘Sign Up’. Again, you will need some information from us, so please email us to ask for your artist ID. This will be different to the Apple ID you may have if you own any Apple products.

  • Deezer

You can send us a request by email to update your profile picture and biography on Deezer. Please provide a link to your profile and the image as an attachment, ensuring that it is 3000x3000px. Alternatively, you can claim your profile using Deezer Backstage. Go to click ‘Request Access’ and fill out the required details.

  • Tidal

Tidal currently has no official service for you to claim your profile, so if you would like to update it please send us a link to your profile and attach an image and/or biography, and we will be able to request that it is updated for you.

  • Amazon Music

In order to claim your Amazon Music for Artists profile, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the app from the App Store ( or Google Play store (, and open the app.
  2. Fill out ALL fields on the verification page, including “Company” (if none just put your band or artist name in this field).
  3. Claim your artist by clicking ‘Submit’.
  4. Wait for the confirmation email.
  5. Open the app to access your Artist’s Amazon Music account.

Alternatively, you can go to and click ‘Get Started’.

  • SoundCloud

When you distribute your releases to SoundCloud through Horus Music, a profile is automatically generated for you. To claim this, please email us with a link to this profile, and provide an email address that is not already associated with any SoundCloud account. We can then invite you to this profile so that you have control over it.

  • Boomplay

Getting verified on Boomplay is easy with the following steps:

  1. Install the latest version of the app on your phone (Apple: or Google Play store:
  2. Sign up for a Boomplay account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Find your BoomID in the My Profile section.
  4. Go to Boomplay for Artistes and fill out the form.
  • Anghami Music

Sign into your Dashboard account here, and click on “My Artist Profile”.

You will then be able to edit the following:

  • Update your artist profile image (Upload a new image or link it to your Facebook profile image)
  • Update your artist name in English and Arabic
  • Edit your music language
  • Add a biography in English/Arabic
  • Link your Facebook page
  • Link your Twitter account

After making any updates, click Update Profile. Anghami will then review your request within 2 working days.