Is Video Game Sync the Future?

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Video game sync is getting more popular by the day.

More and more artists are becoming interested in having their music used in video games. It was announced earlier this year, for example, that a version of Ariana Grande’s track ‘Touch It’ would appear in the soundtrack of the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game. On top of that, there would also be a character in the game based on her.

Ariana Grande is far from the first or only artist to become involved with video games. The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game is just one other games that is known for having some great tracks on its soundtrack. This includes Superman by Goldfinger.

Games in which the soundtrack is integral; such as Guitar Hero, Rockband or Singstar etc. are obviously great opportunities for any artists interested in video game sync. The chart below shows the official sales chart between 2015 and 2016 and how game sales compares to music and video sales. If you are looking for an increase in sales, and more importantly, exposure, video game sync may be the way to go.



In just this data alone we can see that the sales for games were 2.6 times bigger than the music market and 1.3 times bigger than the video market. Those are very impressive numbers. The video game market is constantly growing and is much bigger than people think it is. Don’t turn a blind eye to the possibilities of video game syncs. If you do get the chance to have your song in a video game, maybe you’ll think twice.

Most video game syncs offer a one-off payment. This doesn’t include Guitar Hero and Singstar etc. who give out royalties because they are music based games. It’s a great way of exposing your music to new audiences. It could change your professional career forever.