Music Marketing, Smart Links and Pre Saves

Pre Release - Pre Save or Pre Add

This feature is similar to a Pre Order, which most artists are familiar with for download stores such as iTunes and they can do this through Horus Music’s distribution services for free. A Pre Save / Pre Add is the same idea but for Streaming Services. Spotify was one of the first services to offer this function and called it a Pre-Save, then Apple Music created a Pre-Add hence the two terms. With the Pre Save, you can select a date earlier than the release date so that fans can add the track to their Spotify library so that on release date it will be in their library. Apple Music also gives you the option to make a few tracks available to listen to right away before the release date this is called instant grat. 

Pre Save & Follow

A Pre-Save & follow is using Spotify’s Pre-Save function and then asking the fans to then take a certain action. For example, you can ask your fans that want to Pre-Save your track, to then ‘Follow you on Spotify’ or to follow a playlist you’ve created. Your fans can also ‘opt-in’ to receive future marketing emails from you so that you can collect their emails and contact them next time you want to promote a release, gig or event. Or you can ask your fans to add it to their playlists like this example shows. 

Smart Link

A smart link is for releases that are already out on streaming services and allow the fans to pick their preferred platform rather than only promoting a ‘Spotify’ or ‘Deezer’ link you can have lots of different platforms. You can also have different subdomains and you can also create localisations so if someone is accessing from India you might want to have JioSaavn at the top, then if they’re from the UK you can have Spotify at the top. You can also add your social links.

Sponsored Songs’s self-serve ad platform allows you to advertise your full-length song through audio adverts. This is available on the streaming radio tier of Deezer where you can target similar artists and genres to your music. Or you can promote your songs on Internet Radio service 8 Tracks another internet radio platform where you can use SoundCloud API as the source which also counts towards your SoundCloud plays. Horus Music has deal’s with both of these platforms so we can distribute your music and then you can use Feature FM to promote them.

How to sign up

Our partnership with Feature FM gives all Horus Music artists $10 in their account that they can put towards their first sponsored songs or Pre Save and Follow campaigns! Use our unique link to create your account now:

10$ is worth 500 sponsored song plays to your target audience. Free marketing!