Today a Warrant of Execution, issued by the Central London Law Courts was served on Denver Thomas, owner of Music2Text. The company runs a system that allows artist to sell their music via a code sent to mobiles. Unfortunately, the company was not compliant in paying royalties and gave trivial and unsatisfactory excuses for doing so. After giving the company a year to comply, legal action was taken. The Court then awarded in our favour that the royalties should be paid immediately. However, Denver Thomas instead refused to pay the full amount and became threatening to staff. The Warrant now allows us to take what ever recovery action is required either in this country or any other country the company wishes to move itself to.

Speaking on behalf of Horus Music, CEO Nick Dunn stated “our company has a zero tolerance to people who don’t pay royalties that artists have earned. Our artists work very hard and trust in our partners to be prompt and account correctly. We give companies with difficulties lots of time and in this case it was decided enough was enough. Nevertheless, Music2Text had plenty of opportunity to deal with this but only played lip service to our request and wouldn’t do anything until they started receiving court papers. It is always unfortunate when you have to resort to legal action. Companies like Music2Text need to learn we expect our artists to be paid as per our agreements and if they don’t, we will do what ever is required. No matter how small the amount.”

Music2Text Update:

On the 18th May 2012 the Court wrote:  “This warrant has now been levied. (goods identified for removal if they fail to pay).“

On the 14th June 2012, the Court further wrote in regards to the outstanding warrant against Music2Text / Denver Thomas. “The defendant has still not paid this despite pressure from the bailiffs. I can also confirm that they have not lodged any applications with the court and the warrant does remain enforceable. I will be discussing the next steps with Mr Mothersole but it looks like we will have to attend with a van and force the issue.“

Finally on 20th July 2012 payment is received from the Court showing that Music2Text paid the outstanding royalties and fees. The payment was made to the Court on the 25th June 2012.