Why Musicians Should Use LinkedIn

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Using social media as a tool to grow your fanbase and engage with fans is a common element of the music industry today. The majority of artists tend to target the most popular platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. But what about LinkedIn? Many musicians tend to dismiss LinkedIn by thinking of it as just a place for those in the “corporate world” and that it holds no use for them. But in reality, LinkedIn is one of the leading places in the music industry that can allow artists to manage their own career and start being taken seriously by making crucial connections with influential industry figures.

Find The People You Need

LinkedIn is primarily a platform for business, and the music business just like any other business, is teeming with a massive range of professionals all seeking out new and exciting opportunities. If you’re needing someone with a particular skill set to help you in your career, then LinkedIn can be the perfect place to find them. From photographers, sound engineers, producers and promoters, you can find just about anyone to fit your requirements on LinkedIn. So don’t be afraid to connect with anyone you think would be useful to your career, there’s no harm in sending someone a request, even if they don’t accept it, it’s not hurting your career at all.

Build Relationships

After meeting a professional connection at a gig or a networking event, add them on LinkedIn and make sure you maintain that connection. Congratulate them on their presentation, say how nice it was to meet them, ask if they’d like to go for a coffee and talk about that business opportunity. Stay professional though as LinkedIn is strictly for business, but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and build up your contact list. Even if you’re adding someone who you’ve never met before, you can still drop them a message asking if they’d be interested in working with you or if they had any useful advice.

Appear Professional 

Having a professional LinkedIn profile can be incredibly useful when looking for booking agents or talent scouts. Of course, talent is the main thing they’re looking for but you can give yourself that extra boost by showing that you are more business-savvy than other musicians and know how the industry works. A LinkedIn profile can also show a talent scout what you have accomplished so far in your music career, for example you could’ve played a notable festival or venue that could catch their eye.