Neha Bhasin – Laung Gawacha Album Sales Keep Growing

Case Study: Neha Bhasin’s album continues to gain increasing sales 1 year after release

Release Date: 15th October 2016

Activity: Album release and distribution

Key Outcomes: Neha Bhasin’s album continues to see increasing number of sales each month after releasing her album over a year ago

How We Did It

The Indian pop star Neha Bhasin, is mainly known for her successful career as a Bollywood playback singer and for previously being a member of India’s first all-girl band Viva. She has received the ‘Best Female Playback Singer’ award numerous times during  her Bollywood career and has recorded songs in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

We have worked with Neha to distribute several of her releases to our network of digital stores and platforms. In 2016, we distributed her rendition of the Punjabi folk song ‘Nai Jaana’ which was a hit with audiences from all over the world, and the music video for the song achieved over a staggering 7 million views on YouTube. The song is traditionally played at Indian weddings and a video of one of her fans dancing to the track became a viral sensation that received coverage on many Indian news outlets and also achieved over 7 million views on YouTube.

Releasing ‘Laung Gawacha’

Another of Neha’s Punjabi folk renditions ‘Laung Gawacha’ also proved to be a worldwide success, by achieving more than half of its listenership on Spotify in the US and UK as well as performing incredibly well on Indian platforms such as Hungama and Gaana. The video for the track also followed the successful pattern of Neha’s other music videos by gaining an impressive 2 million views on YouTube.

Currently, Neha’s music is continuing to perform brilliantly on popular and local streaming platforms. For example, Neha Bhasin was our most streamed artist of August 2017 on the leading Indian platform Saavn, which boasts over 22 million monthly active users.

By working with established Indian acts such as Neha, we are able to bring them into the global music scene by distributing their music and videos to the most popular local platforms worldwide.