Otega receives cash advance from Horus Music

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and rapper OTEGA has taken the Nigerian music scene by storm since dropping his breakthrough free style ‘Stay Woke’ in 2018. After a series of notable releases and collaborations emanating Otega’s original blend of traditional timbres and modern afro-beats, his upcoming release ‘Proclivity’ has cemented his place as one of the most ground-breaking artists to hit the Nigerian music scene.

Signing with Horus Music Nigeria in August 2021 for distribution and marketing of his music, Otega has recently benefited from our artist advance services to help further accelerate his career as an independent artist.

Here at Horus Music, we continue to empower independent artists by offering advances to further their careers offset against their streaming royalties only. With our advances, artists unlock funding which can be used to promote a new album, film a music video, or book additional studio time – keeping our artists in the driver’s seat to decide exactly where they feel the money can be best spent.

For Otega, the benefit of receiving an artist advance “has been of great support” to his life as an “independent superstar”, having used his advance for upcoming music videos which he has now been able to fund with the assistance of Horus Music Nigeria’s artist advance. Taking less than 2 months from moving his catalogue over to Horus Music to receiving his advance directly into his bank account, we continue to provide our artists with a fast, transparent service to champion independent artists music around the globe.

As an independent Afro-Beat artist paving the way through an intensely popular market, receiving an artist advance has helped put the control back into Otega’s hands. His response at receiving a Horus Music Nigeria artist advance has “made me my own boss, which is priceless” he said. Alongside this, Otega has also been able to prioritise getting back into the studio working on new music with various producers ahead of his upcoming album release.

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