Our Friends in Japan

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To our friends in Japan,

Our heart continues to go out to you in your time of need and huge tragedy. On the 11th March 2011, a violent magnitude-9 earthquake shook the north-east of Japan, resulting in a huge tsunami. The earthquake started on a Friday at 2:46pm and lasted around 6 minutes. Less than an hour after the earthquake hit, the first waves of the tsunami were hitting the coastline of Japan. The waves reached up to 128 feet above sea level and travelled 6 miles inland reaching the city of Sendai. Over 15,000 people have been confirmed dead and many others missing or injured. after this horrendous natural disaster.

We have reached out to our Japanese friends and associates and we are relieved to hear that they are all okay. Our thoughts go out those who were not so fortunate and their relatives and friends. We cannot begin to fathom the emotion they must be going through at this very difficult time.

We are aware that the nightmare has not stopped and many terrible things continue to happen. Horus Music treasures our close relationships with the people of Japan and we intend to do everything we can to help. We will help in any way we can and continue to liaise with various organisations to find out what is needed and do what we can to help in finding urgent needed supplies.

Help Our Friends in Japan

For those searching for friends or relatives, Google has created a person-finder to help missing people.  Click here to open.

As if the grievances weren’t enough, the affected people have lost their homes, belongings, places of work and need our help. If anyone can provide a donation to help with Japanese relief efforts, the British Red Cross can take donations here.

To all of our friends in Japan, we are thinking of you.