Why is Protecting Your Music from Piracy Important?

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It’s one big confusing world out there, especially with people doing the wrong thing and downloading songs illegally. People don’t always know what’s actually behind the music and how hard artists work. Here is why you should be protecting your music.

Artists & Their Attitude

I’ve heard some artists brush off the fact that their music is available on illegal websites. I’ve even talked to someone who kept telling me; “it’s all exposure, illegal or not”. But is this really the case? If you encourage your fans to download your music, they may not even try to buy the next song that you release. That means you’ll even less royalties!

The attitude of the artist towards their own music is really important. Why should fans care about your songs being illegally downloaded, when you don’t even care yourself? You will never make a living out of music if you allow people to download your music illegally.

Why Protecting Against Piracy?

If you protect your music, all kinds of misuse of your music will be reported and taken down. There will always be people that will try and copy it, but at least then you have the proof that it’s your song and you can take legal action. You may even be able to track where your music was leaked from.

Copyright will protect you for a long time too, in fact, it will protect you for 70 years. This will allow you to earn the money you deserve after your hard work. Even when a musician dies, the family can still earn royalties from the music.

Think of it this way, downloading music is a form of theft. You don’t go into the supermarket and take whatever you want and leave without paying. We at Horus Music help you to protect your music from piracy. If you see a website that downloads your music illegally, you can send us an email with a link and screenshots and your proof of ownership of the songs, and we will help you to take down the tracks. What’s more, we’ve partnered with the liked of BPI Content Protection Unit so that many illegal links to your music will automatically be removed.