Should you work with a Music producer?

Whether you’re just starting out with your music career or you’ve already released some singles or an EP under a moniker, there’re many benefits of working with an experienced music producer, one who can specially understand your musicianship and turn your existing arrangement into gold. An experienced producer, can bring elements to the song in terms of sound, textures, additional harmony that was previously missing.

Similarly, a good producer might remove or substitute some parts to de-clutter an arrangement and make it shine through the mix, for example, to re-move some notes in a voicing (in case of MIDI notes), changing / tweaking plugins of a virtual instrument, swapping audio samples for drums & sound design that suits the song better, editing parts and tightening sections, an overview of the composition and some mix aspects too.

The important thing to note is that a producer might be able to pick up on certain nuances that you might have missed out because you were preoccupied crafting this masterpiece and in many cases, you could benefit from afresh pair of ears. One can agree without a doubt that The Beatles wouldn’t have been the same without their producer, George Martin, who profoundly affected the band’s sound and overall career. Paul McCartney has even mentioned in an interview that if anyone earned the title of the fifth Beatle it would be George.

In today’s age one might feel the need or simply want to write their own material-record-produce-mix-master, since all the music technology is at our disposal. Not to forget all the expensive studio hours that you’d have to shell out in a DIY situation. You’re probably better off working on your own in a home studio environment. But you don’t always have to take that route, you can even co-produce with a fellow musician or work under a producer who is a specialist in that style of music that you’re interested in. You’ll hone your craft faster and maybe even pick up some of their production chops (which is always a bonus point! ).

With all these master and apprentice talks you might start to wonder,where am I going to find this gifted producer who can sprinkle some magic to all my songs? It’s pretty simple, start following your local favourite artists or bands and find out who has worked on that song/album. Is there something in it that worked and you wish to have it in your songs too?

Many a time these producers are swamped with multiple projects but you can send a mail or DM on their social media asking them for their expert opinions on your demos. Worse case scenario you won’t get any response and you were exactly where you had started. But some-times they would give you their honest opinions and that could be a big takeaway for your music.