Soundcloud Go: The Subscription Service

SoundCloud have unveiled their very own subscription service that is now available to both music creators and listeners: Soundcloud Go.

Frequent users of the SoundCloud will notice that the main service remains the same, but it now has an expanded catalogue of tracks, along with some new features and functionalities too.

What’s the difference?

  • More music – SoundCloud are using the phrase “From Top-40 to the underground” to illustrate their expanded catalogue. It provides users with access to music from the biggest names in the industry to new and up-and-coming artists.
  • Offline – Listen to music on your mobile device without an internet connection.
  • Ad-free – Enjoy an uninterrupted ad-free listening experience.

SoundCloud have arranged licensing agreements with UMG, Sony, Merlin and Warner, amongst others. This means that users can now listen to more tracks than ever before through SoundCloud Go.

Not only can you save tracks so that you can listen to them offline, but you can enable a function that allows you to automatically save your playlists. They will automatically become available for offline listening. Tracks that are already available on a profile will not be removed.

Listeners can also completely remove audio and display ads so that nothing will disrupt their listening experience.

Horus Music is an On Soundcloud Premier Partner, meaning that our artists can earn revenue from their tracks on Soundcloud. Royalties generated in this manner will appear in your royalty statements in the usual manner.

My Music on Soundcloud Go

For artists, SoundCloud’s discovery features mean that your tracks can end up in the play queue next to some of the biggest names in the industry.

Your listening statistics will receive a boost regardless of whether or not they are listened to online or offline. Your account will remain free to use.

Submitting to SoundCloud Go works in the same way as the whitelisting and monetisation process we previously talked about, so it is a simple and easy process to start distributing your music. You do need to make sure you have all of the necessary rights to any tracks you would like to upload though.

Monetised tracks will, for the most part, appear identical to a track that has been manually uploaded to your profile. Fans will even still be able to comment, like, share and add them to playlists etc. Artists will be able to edit the buy link and description, but the track’s details, metadata and rights information will not be manually editable.

There are 4 different tabs which will appear on your Soundcloud profile. These cannot be edited or re-ordered.

  1. Tracks – ordered by upload time.
  2. All – ordered by release date.
  3. Album – ordered by release date.
  4. Stream – based on the all tab i.e.. ordered by release date.

Content may appear as a  30-second preview for non-subscribers listening in the free version of Soundcloud or  in territories Soundcloud Go hasn’t launched in yet.


SoundCloud Go is only currently available in the USA and the UK. It is expected to roll out into more territories over the course of 2016 and 2017.

10th May 2016: Soundcloud Go is now available in France.

14th September 2016: Soundcloud Go is now available in Australia and New Zealand

19th October 2016: Soundcloud Go is now available in Canada.

8th December 2016: Soundcloud Go is now available in Germany.