How to Use YouTube Playlists

Whether it is on YouTube or on your favourite streaming service, playlists can be an invaluable form of promotion and engagement for artists. YouTube Playlists can be sorted in almost any way you need, and provide continuous play, cross promotion or a visual mixtape for users.

Sorting all of this can be time consuming though, but fear not. YouTube have created some tools to make all of our lives a little easier when it comes to organising our music.

Auto Add to YouTube Playlists

Auto Add was introduced by YouTube to simplify the process of adding multiple videos to YouTube Playlists, particularly newly uploaded videos. You can “define rules for videos to be automatically added to a playlists” so that when you upload a video with “Tour Diary” or “Official Video” in the title, for example, they will be added to the respective playlists as they are uploaded.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to your Playlists page.
  • Click to Edit the relevant playlist.
  • Click Playlist Settings.
  • Go to the Auto Add tab and enter your rules.
    • This can be defined by ‘Title Contains’, ‘Tags’, and ‘Description Contains’.
  • Click Save.


Series Playlists

Just a quick note: You have to verify your account in order to use series playlists.

Once you have added auto add filters to your YouTube Playlists, make the purpose of that playlist obvious.

A series playlist is an easy way to organise the types of videos you add to your channel. For example if you have a number of live videos from a gig you may want to group them all together in the same playlist. Doing this will make the videos easier to find for you and your viewers.

Creating a Series Playlist makes sure all the videos in that playlist are played in sequence, which ensures viewers aren’t missing out on relevant content that they might find interesting.

In order to create a Series playlist:

  • Click Library.
  • Choose your playlist.
  • Playlist settings.
  • Under additional options ‘tick’ “Set as official series for this playlist”.
  • Click Save.

If you have any questions about YouTube Playlists, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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