The World of Rock and Roll – The Loss of a Great Person

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On Thursday the 28th of July 2011, at 23:21, Claire O’Connor, wife to our artist Adam Bomb, peacefully passed away in New York City.  For some time Claire had been bravely fighting cancer but it became apparent recently that unfortunately there was little more that could be done.  Claire passed away with Adam and her two daughters Darian and Blaise at her side.

We are very sad at Horus Music with the passing of Claire. Claire was a wonderful lady to work with and somebody we really trusted.  Adam is very rock and roll and at times got himself into hot water, but with Claire at his side, any difficulties were quickly dealt with and Adam was able to continue entertaining audiences around Europe.  Additionally when it came to fighting piracy, as it was often the case that Adam’s music was being sold illegally, Claire was a great companion in our fight to ensure Adam’s rights were protected and that Adam was rightly compensated for the loss of his earnings.

Claire’s story is one of inspiration and you can read further in the copy below.  You will see how she helped the likes of Guns n Roses, Billy Idol (who incidentally performed at Adam and Claire’s wedding), Red Hot Chili Peppers and Billy Ray Cyrus.  All of these great artists got their first breaks via Claire Brenner.  The world of Rock and Roll and the New York Music scene has lost a great person who has touched the lives of many people and helped to mould the music scene that we are so lucky to have today. We at Horus Music will miss Claire very much and our hearts go out to the family at this very difficult time.

Gone but never forgotten, rest in peace Claire O’Connor.